Artist Interview: Que Williams

Interview by Jason Taylor

Que Williams
1. Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
My name is Que Williams. I’m an artist who doesn’t believe in barriers, categories, only the art itself. Music is a language spoken worldwide and the more you learn the better you’re able to communicate.
2. How long have you been involved with music? 
I’ve been involved with music for 14 years now. I grew up in church singing and was signed to a subsidiary company of Warner Music in a group called FaSho
3. Nowadays, there are a lot of artists who are into music but don’t have the passion for it. What separates you from other artists?
The separation is my passion. I feel as though music is attached to my calling in life. It allows me to speak for those who doesn’t have a voice while still relating to those who do.
4. How can the average person relate to your music content?
My music speaks about real life issues, such as relationships, love, money, girls, cheating, motivation, hope etc. I’m confident that people will relate lyrically and/or to my beat selection. Either way it’s a win, win.
5. Being in Atlanta, how do you plan on making your voice heard in a city filled with so much musically rooted talent? 
The way I see it the music industry is about relationships. The right relationship can have a great influence on your progress. Throughout the years I’ve built strong relationships and now we’re just adding everything together. Talent + Relationship = The Right Opportunity. The Right Opportunity + Talent = Success
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6. Who are your musical influences and why?
My musical influences are all the greats my parents used to listen to such as The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, New Edition, High Five. The newer artists are Chris Brown, Omarion, Drake, Migos, Kendrick Lamar, you know the heavy influencers in music today.
7. How do you feel about the state of music today?
I feel that music is in a good state. It’s in the state of Progression and Independence.
8. What are three things you look forward to accomplishing with your music?
First, the biggest and most important thing is being able to become an influence on the younger generation to help better the world with positivity. Second, being able to give my family members jobs and start creating generational wealth. It will build an empire while teaching them financial freedom. Lastly, just being an artist who’s appreciated for what he does. Being able to headline and sell out while on tour. It’s nothing like hearing a crowd sing your songs word for word. (priceless feeling)
9. What is your ultimate goal for your music career?
Be remembered as a guy who gave his all and within doing so impacted the world while helping people get through different time periods of their lives. Whether it’s good, bad, great, ugly or indifferent. I can’t forget about going ten times platinum at least once in my music career.
10. Music will continue to evolve throughout time. Do you believe your music will stand the test of time and continue to be a force in people’s lives?
Most definitely for the simple fact that I’m not going to limit myself on the topics I choose to speak on. Neither, the musical styles I choose to embrace and use as my tool of expression. When it’s all said and done I’m an artist.  Artists have the ability to grow and evolve.  You can find more information about me on
Que seems like an artist who is so humbled by his artistry that he could fit in with some of the heavyweights. Only time will tell what kind of musical genius he is. Honestly, nowadays artists come and go so if Que can remain consistent he will be fine. Music needs more consistent artists. His album title is interesting and it gives you an idea of the musical content. If you are a fan of real passionate music then Que is the artist to support.